What are my priorities?


Community Safety

Just like so many other communities across our country, DuPage County is seeing an increase in crime with more burglaries, car-jackings, and assaults. No doubt you, or someone you know, has been affected by crime. Safety is a topic that affects us all regardless of who we are, where we come from or what our political leanings may be. 

I am not only a vigilant and caring mother, I am a vigilant and caring neighbor and friend. When my own neighborhood was the target of a burglary spree and there was no media coverage or community resources to help inform my neighborhood, I refused to sit back. I personally visited more than three hundred homes to provide each resident with the latest information so they had the opportunity to take additional precautions rather than become the next victim. As a DuPage County Board Member, I would do no less. It is my priority to work with our local law enforcement officials, including our Sheriff and State’s Attorney, to ensure the effective policies are implemented and resources provided to keep everyone safe! 


Money Matters

You have probably heard the term fiscal responsibility, but what does that term really mean? I believe it means applying earnest and careful consideration in how tax dollars are spent to obtain the best results for the community as a whole. That does not mean funding “pet projects” or individual interest groups or applying "quick fixes" at the expense of taxpayers. It is the obligation of office holders to address bloat and excessive spending and to make the hard decisions like families face when living within a budget. I have demonstrated this as a College of DuPage Trustee and will be responsible with your tax dollars as a DuPage County Board member. I will watch that DuPage County applies sensible spending as part of decision-making without sacrificing services. In those instances requiring additional avenues for funding, I will look internally for reallocation of funds and resources before looking to the taxpayers for the answer.


Service to Our Most Vulnerable 

I have felt the calling to serve others my entire life. The level of compassion I hold for those in our community who struggle has been a motivating force in how I have lived my life and why I initially decided to run for elected office. Certainly, that innate sense of both caring and engaging into action was enhanced when one of my own children was born with neurological damage and life-long disabilities.

Regardless of whether a person’s challenges stem from physical disabilities, mental illness, poverty, or other issues, I recognize the most vulnerable residents in every community deserve the necessary resources to serve their needs. Not just by way of funding, but a combination of financial resources with the tools, teachings, and the time to help. Lifting each other up in our community, I believe, is the secret sauce to a community’s success. 


What are Your Priorities?

I believe a good leader is a good listener first. I absolutely want to hear from you. I want to know the ways DuPage County's leadership can improve your daily life. What do you see that is working in our community and what is not working? Community safety, wise use of your tax dollars, and meeting unmet needs of those who are vulnerable, are rising concerns. Please reach out to me via this website by sending me a note. I can promise that, with your support, if I am fortunate to be elected as one of your representatives, I will never forget that I am working for you!